Near Scott Circle, Washington, D.C. Photo by Flickr user Ted Eytan

Buying a home in the pandemic

Moving to California has been a dream of mine since my pre-teen years. Fast forward 8 years deep into a global pandemic who would of thought a Non binary 28 yo Millennial in this day of age would own his first home in California, Let's begin. Being the indecisive human being that i am since birth this purchase is affirmation that you no longer need to be indecisive, but decisive especially when you have a vision. With rates low as 2 % , which i did not get *laughs- but this was a push that we should not let anything get in the way of our dreams and goals even if Covid-19 is in full effect. if the rich can do it so can we and by no means am I rich, but knowing the language of housing markets in America you want in and you will do what you gotta do to get a piece of the pie “pumpkin pie” Bernie Mac voice :D

feel free to comment , clap , and follow if you have an questions on my strategy for first time home buyers and what i did to purchase , thanks guys and girls :p - Rodney



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Hi Mediumers Rodney here regular human sharing a tiny piece of my life with you and my objective is to make you smile , cry , and say hey I can relate. :p